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Our company is one of the first companies that have made a great leap in the field of agricultural services, as it covers the needs of all agricultural regions in Yemen, and we also cover the needs of all Yemen's provinces of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and public health products.
We work hard to ensure that the product offered to farmers is of high quality and reasonable price.


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سماد مركب NPK FERTILIZER   33-3-0+11S+TE Fertilizer, fully soluble in water Fertilizer, fully soluble in water, is considered the main source of nitrogen fertilization that increases production and quality of agricultural crops, and covers all plants’ needs of sulfur, suitable for all different irrigation systems Composition : نيتروجين Nitrogen فسفور Phosphor بوتاسيوم Potassium كبريت Sulphur…


سماد مركب NPK FERTILIZER   12-12-17+2MgO+TE Fertilizer, fully soluble in water A combination of nutrients nitrogen and phosphorus and a medium percentage of potassium and a high percentage of magnesium in addition to the minor elements that the plant needs to help the plant increase the percentage of flowers and increase the proportion of nodes…


سماد مركب NPK FERTILIZER   10-52-12-TE Fertilizer, fully soluble in water Compound fertilizer with a high content of phosphorous along with major and minor elements, used in the early stages of growth to stimulate growth, rooting, increase flowering and fruit nodes Composition : نيتروجين Nitrogen فسفور Phosphor بوتاسيوم Potassium N P K 10 52 12…

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